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PHP plist parsing

As promised I’m going to look further into parsing plist files, this time in PHP. I’m going to show some functional programming concepts applied to PHP, using it similarly to how you program in XSL.

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Visualizing mxmlc’s link report

If you set mxmlc‘s link-report flag to true you get a file describing your application’s dependencies, including the size of those dependencies. Using some simple XSL and Ant you can get a more readable HTML version.

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XSL, plists and a bit of JSON

Apple’s Cocoa API:s can save an object graph to file by using the plist format. In its modern form it’s an XML dialect, which should be a good thing — but it’s not.

Apple’s engineers had probably never heard of XSL when they dreamed up the format, because they made it needlessly difficult to transform.

In this post I’ll show you how to transform a plist file to a format that is easier to work with, and I’ll also show you how to transform that intermediate format into JSON, thus making a complete plist to JSON pipeline.

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