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Creating a document-based application with Mate

Over the last few weeks I’ve put together an example application that shows how to build document-based applications with Mate. I’ve also started a Google Code project for Mate examples and extensions, and if you’re interested to contribute please contact me.

Talking Flex SEO on The Flex Show

Jeff and John were kind enough to have me on the Flex Show to talk about Flex and SEO. If you follow this blog you’ve read it all already, but it never hurts to hear it again.

Think inside the box

TechCrunch50 The last few weeks I’ve been busy working on an app for creative writing, called Copybox. On monday it was finally launched publicly at the TechCrunch50 conference. Below is a video of the presentation, which explains the motivations of the application, and how it works.

The splash screen of the video is a bit odd, it has nothing to do with anything, I don’t know why.

You can watch the video at blip.tv too.

Copybox was build in Flex, using the Mate application framework. It’s going to be deployed both as a hosted version running in the browser and in a desktop version running on AIR. We’re currently in private beta alpha, but if you’re a copywriter go to the Copybox site and sign up, because we need your input.

Talk of the Weather website released

Talk of the Weather website

Website for my friend Jesper’s new album Talk of the Weather.

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Workload widget for Billings

Workload widget icon

Billings, Marketcircle’s excellent time reporting and invoicing application, was updated to version 2.5 the other day. If you look at the Billings website you can find the same icon as on this page, it’s the icon for my Dashboard widget Workload, which is a Billings companion showing you how much you’ve worked the past week.

If you are a Billings user, I recommend that you download the free update to 2.5, and if you do, why not try my widget as well. You can download it here, or from the Billings website.

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Campaign for Folktandvården launched

Wednesday saw the launch of a campaign site for Swedish Dental Care, called Frisktandvården. As this will only interest those who actually live in Sweden, the rest of this post will be in Swedish =)

Frisktandvården.se Menyn från kampanjsajten för Frisktandvården

Art direction av SCP, projektledning av Martin Sandberg/Studebaker och design och produktion stod jag för.

Kampanjens avsändare är Folktandvården Västra Götaland, som erbjuder en tandvårdsförsäkring som de kallar Frisktandvården. Intresseanmälan kan göras på sajten.

The Seven Sins by Whipping Floyd

Today I released a new campaign site for Whipping Floyd’s new collection The Seven Deadly Sins.

The Seven Deadly Sins The Seven Deadly Sins collection site for Whipping Floyd

Design and music by Magnus Heed of Whipping Floyd, website production by me. As usual I try to avoid loading sequences, but on this site it was extra easy since it starts with a streaming video. This leaves a lot of time to load other things. I really appreciate Flash’s ability to stream both video and audio content, it makes sites like this one so much easier to create.

Creating static sites like this one also has other advantages: I can bundle up all images that are needed into a SWF, which loads so much faster than loading the images one by one. It also means that I get the benefit of JPEG-compression on my images, but can still have transparency — very convenient. This is nothing new, of course, but it is not very often I can (or want to) take advantage of this, it’s more or less only possible when there is no or very little dynamic content.

New website for Sandberg Trygg

Yesterday the new website for the Swedish B2B advertising agency Sandberg Trygg was launched. Sandberg Trygg The new Sandberg Trygg website

The site was designed by Ola Carlberg of Sandberg Trygg and developed entierly by me with project management by Martin Sandberg of Studebaker.

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New HannaCecilia site

I just launched a new portfolio site for HannaCecilia make up & hair.

HannaCecilia HannaCecilia portfolio site

The most interesting technical aspect of the site is the background image. The idea is that the pictures should appear to be stationary, while the camera/you is moving. The window should also be resizeable to any size. To do this is ActionScript without having a huge background image (to work with my 23″ cinema display it would have to be enourmous) was a bit of a challenge. But thanks to the bitmap API in Flash 8 I created a routine which monitors the position of the camera and the size of the window and repeats the background image (which is about 800x800px) to completely fill the window, as well as remove parts that are no longer needed in order not to waste too much memory.

New Nudie Jeans and Whipping Floyd collection sites

Just before christmas I released new sites for the Nudie Jeans and Whipping Floyd spring/summer collections.

Nudie Jeans Collection Spring/Summer 2007 The new Nudie Jeans Collection site

The Nudie Jeans collection site is a part of the Nudie Jeans site, for which I am webmaster (The Fit Guide, Videos and Gallery are by Kokokaka, but the rest I’m responsible for). It’s built for Flash 8, with a back-end in PHP which tells the presentation layer which items are in which category, what their names are and where all the images are located.

Whipping Floyd Site Spring/Summer 2007 The new Whipping Floyd Collection site

The Whipping Floyd site was designed by Magnus Heed of Whipping Floyd, I did the programming and animation. Since the site is quite animation-heavy I created most of the site using timeline animations, which I very rarely do.

It doesn’t have any loading sequences, and doesn’t really need any. Rather, it uses some clever loading scheduling to make sure that things are loaded before they are needed. It works really well if you have a broadband connection (which almost everyone in the target audience has).

The site is also fully bookmarkable and reload-safe, actually one of the first sites I made in this way (the core of the site was created half a year ago for the autumn/winter collection).