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Look! I’m not dead!

…but I do other stuff now.

I haven’t updated this blog in over half a year, sorry about that. It’s just that my focus used to be Flex, and I almost haven’t written a single line of Flex code in just as long. I’ve updated the about page with new info.

Hopefully more will follow (ah, those famous last words).

Writing testable code is writing high quality code

Writing testable code isn’t just about writing code that is easy to test, writing testable code is also a way to write higher quality code. If you can test it it is likely to be reusable, loosely coupled and easier to maintain.

The Google Testing Blog, mostly written by MiÅ¡ko Hevery, is amongst the most brilliant things I’ve read on software engineering. If you’re not convinced about the benefits of writing testable code after reading MiÅ¡ko’s articles I think you may be a lost cause. These are my favourites from the last few months:

The articles explain testing and good practices in software engineering in a simple, accessible, to-the-point manner without droning on about theory. Great writing and great insight. Read it.

Unroll your loops!

Today, while refactoring some code, I had an epiphany I’d like to share. It’s why you should chose clean code over apparent performance, because your gut feeling is usually wrong.

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The Zen of Wally

The Zen of Wally, from Dilbert.com

This is exactly why I’m a freelance consultant. I want what I do to be more important than where I am. Being employed is all about where you are for the eight hours that you owe your employer.

I cannot possibly be the only Flex consultant in Sweden

…but according to the list at Flex.org I am:

I even had to ask to get Sweden as an option in the filter. Seriously, I can’t be the only Flex consultant in Sweden. Where are you guys?

The lazy HTML pirates are the easiest to catch

A tip to all lazy HTML pirates out there: if you’re going to nick the HTML off a website, remove the Google Analytics tracking code before uploading it to your own servers.

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New Whipping Floyd site released

Whipping Floyd SS08 Whipping Floyd SS08

Design by Magnus Heed of Whipping Floyd, website production by me. Fully deep-linkable, Google Analytics-integrated (automatically, thanks to SWFAddress).

Cleaning up the sound in screencasts using AirFoil

Most screencasts are done with minimal resources, usually just a guy and his computer. This usually means crappy sound with lots of noise. Watching a screencast the other day I realized that I could remove the annoying noise I was hearing by routing the sound through AirFoil and setting the equalizer settings to kill high-frequencies.

In version 3 of AirFoil you can not only send sound to an Airport Express but also other computers, and of course, your own. To clean up any sound, just set the application to route all sound (look for “System Audio” at the bottom of the list of sources) to your own computer (by clicking on the speaker button next to the computer in the list, in most cases there will only be one, yours). You can also choose just the web browser you are watching the screencast in as the source. When you have started routing the sound open the equalizer and modify to your heart’s content.

It would be great if AirFoil had noise-cancellation built-in because you can’t always remove the noise with the equalizer, it’s a blunt instrument. I’m sure that someone more clever could come up with a way to route the sound through noise reduction filters before using a similar method.

The downside is that you get some delay in the audio, but it doesn’t seem to be the full 2.5 seconds as when you send to an Airport Express. I’ve not even noticed it most of the time when I’ve been watching programming screencasts, probably because you don’t see the speakers lips moving and that the “action” is quite slow.

Spam overdrive

9319 spam messages They started coming yesterday around 23:00, and they keep coming still.