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Google and Flash

I came across this interview with Dan Crow of Google. I’ll use that interview as a basis for a discussion on Flash and search engine optimization. The conclusion is that too many are talking about indexing SWF files, which is a non-problem, basically the same as saying that JavaScript files should be indexed.

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Now, that’s a bad use of Flash

Have a look at the sidebar of gBlog. It’s such a bad use of Flash. Sure, it looks neat with the rollovers, the “+ show more” and the tiny scrollbars, but it’s oh so stupid.

What do you do when presented with a list of links that all look interesting? You cmd-click (or whatever you do in Windows) them to open each one in its own tab or in a new window. Try. Didn’t work? Well, no surprise really, because the whole sidebar is a Flash application, which doesn’t work that way. So now you have to click the links, one by one, and each one will take you from the original site.

You open the links in tabs, you can’t copy the links and what’s more, the links are not visible to Google, there is no graceful degradation here.

I find that really, really stupid. Pity, because it’s not a bad blog otherwise.

SWFAddress: Back, reload and bookmarks in Flash

I gave you my home-grown solution on how to handle reload and bookmarks in Flash applications a few weeks back, and now its time to revise it. The reason is the newly released SWFAddress extension to SWFObject, which solves the same issues as my previous solution, but also handles the back button.

I don’t care very much for the example code given at the SWFAddress site, so I’m going to show you a proper object oriented solution for all your state handling needs.

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Bookmarkability in Flash

Using the external interface, and a simple JavaScript, you can make your Flash applications bookmarkable, and also accidental-reload-safe. In this article I’ll show you a simple and minimal way of doing it.

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