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Now, that’s a bad use of Flash

Have a look at the sidebar of gBlog. It’s such a bad use of Flash. Sure, it looks neat with the rollovers, the “+ show more” and the tiny scrollbars, but it’s oh so stupid.

What do you do when presented with a list of links that all look interesting? You cmd-click (or whatever you do in Windows) them to open each one in its own tab or in a new window. Try. Didn’t work? Well, no surprise really, because the whole sidebar is a Flash application, which doesn’t work that way. So now you have to click the links, one by one, and each one will take you from the original site.

You open the links in tabs, you can’t copy the links and what’s more, the links are not visible to Google, there is no graceful degradation here.

I find that really, really stupid. Pity, because it’s not a bad blog otherwise.

Review of MTASC

I’ve started using the Motion-Twin ActionScript compiler (mtasc), and I thought I should share my thoughts on the subject.

My first impression of mtasc is that it doesn’t suck. It might be a low standard to aspire to, but seriously, there is hardly any competition.

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Probably the best Flash development helper application I’ve found. XTrace is a floating window that displays log messages from your Flash applications. It’s based on the clever idea of using a socket to send messages to an external program, which gets around the fact that you can’t create new windows in Flash, but have to have your log view on top of everything else.

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