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Legend: Old junk, New nonsense

This blog is written by Theo Hultberg. I am was a freelance web developer and designer based in Göteborg, Sweden (that’s in Europe for you americans), but now I’m the lead developer at Burt.

Iconara is my company, where I spend most of my working hours writing Flex applications and Flash sites for customers such as Nudie Jeans, Whipping Floyd, Göteborg International Film Festival and agencies like Daddy & Daddy Identity Dept. and Studebaker. I also do some design, Ajax and traditional web application programming. The list of three letter acronyms on my CV is endless. is the name I used when I was still a freelancer, but since I sold my freedom it’s the name of my blog, my Twitter account, and some other things. At Burt I write code for working with stupendous amounts of data, trying to find meaning in endless streams of bits and bytes. My focus is no longer on event driven applications, but on raw computation and concurrency. No more Flex, but a lot of Java, Ruby and Hadoop — with some Rails thrown into the mix too, because there still needs to be a user interface in the end.

In the past I have been a web application developer, Cocoa programmer, designed a non-profit magazine, studied software engineering, graphic design at Central Saint Martins in London and a masters degree in interaction design. I’ve also had a successful freelance career as a Flash and Flex application developer.

I write about object oriented architecture, functional programming, search engine optimization and other subjects, with a focus on Flex and Flash for example concurrency, Hadoop and Rails. I also write about Ajax, XSL, and other web related things I stumble across, and the tools I work with.

To find out more about me and what I do take a look at my portfolio or my LinkedIn profile. Also check out my GitHub page, my Twitter account and the site of the company that takes up all those hours previously devoted to writing this blog: Burt — not to mention our products: Rich, Meme Machine and Copybox.