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Look! I’m not dead!

…but I do other stuff now.

I haven’t updated this blog in over half a year, sorry about that. It’s just that my focus used to be Flex, and I almost haven’t written a single line of Flex code in just as long. I’ve updated the about page with new info.

Hopefully more will follow (ah, those famous last words).

Quoted in “Professional Cairngorm”

Seems like I’ve been quoted in a book with the (contradictory) title Professional Cairngorm. It’s the now (in)famous Architectural Atrocities 9: Cairngorm’s Model Locator Pattern again. It’s not the best quote to take from that post, but beggars can’t be choosers.

The quote is on page 267 in the chapter “Criticisms of Cairngorm” (where else), and it can be found through Google Booksearch. The chapter also quotes Neil Webb as a critic of the Singleton pattern.

I applaud the author’s good taste in including a chapter on criticisms — although I think that if he really had taken the time to understand what both Neil and I have said he wouldn’t just put us under the sub header “Singled out — Bad Singleton, Bad”. Our critique goes far beyond Singletons and Monostates. Even so, if that is the level you aim for, then those things need to be said too.