Creating a document-based application with Mate

Over the last few weeks I’ve put together an example application that shows how to build document-based applications with Mate. I’ve also started a Google Code project for Mate examples and extensions, and if you’re interested to contribute please contact me.

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  1. sectore Says:

    Theo, thanks for starting this project. I’m very new on Mate, but your sample app called ‘document-based’ is one of the best example using Mate I’ve ever seen! I learned a lot from it ;)


  2. WS-Blog » New Mate extensions for using AIR and SQLite: “SQLService + SQLServiceInvoker” Says:

    [...] have an example for using it as well . For using presentation models within Mate check out the great example called ‘document based’ by Theo Hultberg  and its very detailed post on Google [...]

  3. viatropos Says:

    Hi Theo,

    Thanks so much for this example! I’ve just come across Mate and this is making me love it! Helping me learn how to design Flex apps way better…

    I have a question though…

    the rest of this question, along with an answer, can be found at /Theo

  4. viatropos Says:

    Hi Theo,

    So I’ve become super stoked about testing…

    the rest of this question, along with an answer, can be found at /Theo

  5. Theo Says:

    If you have questions about architecture and Mate, post them in the Mate forums. I read them at least every other day.

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