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I cannot possibly be the only Flex consultant in Sweden

…but according to the list at Flex.org I am:

I even had to ask to get Sweden as an option in the filter. Seriously, I can’t be the only Flex consultant in Sweden. Where are you guys?

9 Responses to “I cannot possibly be the only Flex consultant in Sweden”

  1. Marcus Stade Says:

    You’re not alone. We at Gimlet actually focus mainly on Flex (of course we use other technologies as it becomes necessary, but Flex is our bread and butter) and have been doing so for several years.

    Experienced Flex developers in Sweden is a limited resource unfortunately, but more and more people within the Swedish Flash community are broading their horizons fortunately.

  2. Jens Says:

    I am sure you are not alone!! I know several people in Sweden that are working with Flex. Hi Marcus.. Both in Stockholm, Malmö and even in Helsingborg. Maybe we should push the other to register on Flex.org?

  3. Eric Bichara Says:

    You’re a definitely not alone, im a flex consultant and I know for a fact that there is one more Flex consultant in Stockholm :-S.


  4. Theo Says:

    If any of you guys know any Flex developer in or around Göteborg who wants work I’ve got plenty. Doesn’t matter if he or she isn’t a Flex developer actually, one of the companies I work for would gladly pay someone to learn Flex, we’re just looking for a good programmer who is willing to learn.

    (Why I wrote this in English is beyond me.)

  5. Jens Says:

    Tyvärr inte. Själv programmerar jag Flex en del men jag hoppas att jag i fortsättningen kommer att kunna fokusera på att kvalitetssäkra RIA. Det verka just nu vara lite svårt att vara så specialicerad men håller på att lära mig automattesting av applikationer.

  6. Shan Says:

    I am in umeÃ¥ Sweden.I have been working with adobe flex and flash last few years I want to find a job here… Thank you!!

  7. JAni(Hyderabad) Says:

    Hi this Jani from India is their any good Opportunity for Flex developer, how is the market in Sweden for flex developers

  8. Eugene Says:

    Hey, I know that the Picsearch company was looking for someone in Sweden. And they fill up their needs, so it seems like Flex is getting all over the world.

    I live and work outside of Sweden, but this is one of the wishes I have to move to Sweden for a while. So, you’re not alone! Actually I found this post while was looking for some job posts =))))

  9. Shan Says:

    Hi Eugene; Thank you for your information I just applied for picsearch, Regards! Shan

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