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The Zen of Wally

The Zen of Wally, from Dilbert.com

This is exactly why I’m a freelance consultant. I want what I do to be more important than where I am. Being employed is all about where you are for the eight hours that you owe your employer.

No luck for Flex SEO contest

Can I just say I told you so?

I cannot possibly be the only Flex consultant in Sweden

…but according to the list at Flex.org I am:

I even had to ask to get Sweden as an option in the filter. Seriously, I can’t be the only Flex consultant in Sweden. Where are you guys?

Side-stepping ES4

The news is that the proposed ECMAScript 4 (ES4) that created such a stir in the ActionScript community half a year ago is no more. Instead the ECMAScript working groups is going to pursue an update to version 3. I say good riddance to ES 4, it had a lot of interesting stuff in it that I would have loved to see in ActionScript, but that was only because ES4 had every possible feature from every language that its authors had ever laid their eyes on.

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Roll your own OpenID, the easy way

I think that OpenID is a great idea, but there are just too many providers to choose from. Without even actively signing up for one, I’ve got at least six OpenID’s already: one from WordPress, another from Technorati, and from Blogger, Yahoo!, Flickr and AOL. Either one would do fine, but one thing bugs me: do I really want my identity associated with one of these companies? I don’t dislike either one, but my only relation to them is that I use their products. I don’t think of myself as a WordPress user, I’m not even a loyal one (my other blog is based on Chyrp).

One solution is to go with an OpenID provider that uses less branded URL:s. By way of recommendation I have found myOpenID, which works. Your ID URL looks like http://username.myopenid.com/, which I think is perfectly acceptable. But it gets better. It turns out that myOpenID has a feature where you can use your own domain in your OpenID URL (look for “Your Domains” in the menu). If your hosting company gives you access to the DNS records of your domain you can set it up so that you can create OpenID’s that look like they are hosted by you — and in the background myOpenID does all the authentication and provides the administrative tools.

In a few minutes I managed to get it configured and I’m happy to say that I can now identify myself as http://openid.iconara.net/theo. That is the kind of URL that I think everyone should be able to have if OpenID is going to become the one and only authentication platform on the web. It describes what it is (“openid”) and who I am (“theo” of “iconara”).

OpenID logo

Oh, and is it only me or does the OpenID logo look just like the PlayStation logo when it appears in icon size (as it usually does in login screens and such)?

A call to arms against Adobe’s lack of respect for my filesystem

Adobe has a blatant lack of respect for my filesystem. The various applications that I currently have installed scatter files everywhere, without asking me and with total disregard of Apple’s documentation. Read on for a list of the offences.

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