The lazy HTML pirates are the easiest to catch

A tip to all lazy HTML pirates out there: if you’re going to nick the HTML off a website, remove the Google Analytics tracking code before uploading it to your own servers.

I found a HTML pirate when I was looking through a client’s web site statistics in Google Analytics the other day. There were references to pages that I knew weren’t on the client’s site, and at first I was puzzled but then I discovered that the hits were from a domain that was definitely not one of my client’s.

I tried the links and found a site that looked a bit familiar. Someone had taken the HTML from my client’s site and just changed some of the images and inserted their own content. What they hadn’t changed was the Google Analytics tracking code in the page footer, making their page views turn up in my client’s statistics. Not very clever of them, to say the least. They got a angry letter from my client and promptly removed the pages.

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  1. Evert Says:

    I always figured google analytics would actually filter all requests not tied to the domain name, I’m surprised to hear that showed up..

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