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Less complex ECMAScript

Ajaxian today reports that the latest version of the ECMAScript 4 grammar seems to have tightened up the language and reduced it’s complexity somewhat. Ajaxian quotes Brendan Eich:

ES4 has overspent its complexity budget in order to explore a large design space. It is now shrinking to meet practical budgets involving Ecma member consensus, prime mover commitments, fatigue effects, community expectations, and the like. No one working on ES4 wants it to be like Perl 6. We aim to finish this year.

This is great news in my opinion. I liked the idea of tail calls, but frankly, the last version of ECMAScript 4 looked like they tried to include every feature of every other current language. The language was getting overwhelmingly complex and I hope that they have axed a significant part of the new features before the final version.

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