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New Whipping Floyd site released

Whipping Floyd SS08 Whipping Floyd SS08

Design by Magnus Heed of Whipping Floyd, website production by me. Fully deep-linkable, Google Analytics-integrated (automatically, thanks to SWFAddress).

How to save $149

Some jokers who call themselves flexinmotion have released a ridiculously overpriced Flex component which “will automatically track all user navigation clicks, button click, check boxes, radio buttons and a number of other controls within your app automatically” using Google Analytics. Let me show you how to save those 149 bucks.

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Architectural Atrocities, part 9: Cairngorm’s Model Locator pattern

From time to time I re-read the introductory articles on Cairngorm just to remind me of why I don’t use it and never will. This installment of the Architectural Atrocities series is a critique of the Cairngorm framework, and the Model Locator pattern in particular.

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Cleaning up the sound in screencasts using AirFoil

Most screencasts are done with minimal resources, usually just a guy and his computer. This usually means crappy sound with lots of noise. Watching a screencast the other day I realized that I could remove the annoying noise I was hearing by routing the sound through AirFoil and setting the equalizer settings to kill high-frequencies.

In version 3 of AirFoil you can not only send sound to an Airport Express but also other computers, and of course, your own. To clean up any sound, just set the application to route all sound (look for “System Audio” at the bottom of the list of sources) to your own computer (by clicking on the speaker button next to the computer in the list, in most cases there will only be one, yours). You can also choose just the web browser you are watching the screencast in as the source. When you have started routing the sound open the equalizer and modify to your heart’s content.

It would be great if AirFoil had noise-cancellation built-in because you can’t always remove the noise with the equalizer, it’s a blunt instrument. I’m sure that someone more clever could come up with a way to route the sound through noise reduction filters before using a similar method.

The downside is that you get some delay in the audio, but it doesn’t seem to be the full 2.5 seconds as when you send to an Airport Express. I’ve not even noticed it most of the time when I’ve been watching programming screencasts, probably because you don’t see the speakers lips moving and that the “action” is quite slow.

Less complex ECMAScript

Ajaxian today reports that the latest version of the ECMAScript 4 grammar seems to have tightened up the language and reduced it’s complexity somewhat. Ajaxian quotes Brendan Eich:

ES4 has overspent its complexity budget in order to explore a large design space. It is now shrinking to meet practical budgets involving Ecma member consensus, prime mover commitments, fatigue effects, community expectations, and the like. No one working on ES4 wants it to be like Perl 6. We aim to finish this year.

This is great news in my opinion. I liked the idea of tail calls, but frankly, the last version of ECMAScript 4 looked like they tried to include every feature of every other current language. The language was getting overwhelmingly complex and I hope that they have axed a significant part of the new features before the final version.