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Separating event handling from event filtering

One thing that bugs me with event handling is that usually I’m not interested in every event that comes my way. This makes my event handlers more about filtering events than handling them — for example checking that shift is pressed when a KeyboardEvent comes around, or checking that a MouseEvent is above a specific area of a panel. To separate the concerns of filtering and handing I’ve come up with some AOP-like looking ActionScript. Read on for the full explanation.

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Creating specialized compilers with the Flex Compiler API

Included with Flex 3 is the “Adobe Flex 3 Compiler API”, a little-talked-about piece of code that lets developers create custom Flex compilers, embed the Flex compiler into other applications or just about anything imaginable. In this post I’m going to show how to use the compiler API to create a specialized Flex compiler that can be used to compile font packages for runtime loading of fonts.

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