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Talk of the Weather website released

Talk of the Weather website

Website for my friend Jesper’s new album Talk of the Weather.

Technical details: a quick job in Flash 9 (an hour or two tops), nothing fancy or special, the usual SEO and Google Analytics integration, one curiosity however: although in Flash, the site uses the browser’s scrollbars. When more text is added in the text column the Flash application tells the browser to expand the size of the embed, and thus the browser shows scrollbars as needed. I think it’s a really nice way to make a simple site scrollable.

2 Responses to “Talk of the Weather website released”

  1. Tom H Says:

    Seeing as the custom font appears to be the main reason for using Flash in this case, I’d say you could do with tweaking the sharpness & weight – it’s a bit difficult to read.

    Nice to see you’re continuing to use (good) progressive enhancement though :), how are you handling content updating? Is the XML and HTML populated from the same source, does one use the other?

  2. Theo Says:

    I have found that Flash’s “anti-alias for readability” uglifies fonts way too much for my liking in general, but as it is it’s not optimal, I agree.

    I don’t see the content changing very often so it’s in a simple XML file which is read by the Flash version and the PHP that generates the HTML. If it would change more often I would probably used a CMS which generated the HTML and the XML instead.

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