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Quick tips to speed up your Ant build

For those of you using Ant to build your Flex applications, here is a quick tip to speed it all up. If you have a build script that builds more than one SWF or SWC, instead of building everything everytime you can use Ant’s uptodate task to have the script skip running targets whose sources haven’t changed.

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Talk of the Weather website released

Talk of the Weather website

Website for my friend Jesper’s new album Talk of the Weather.

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The hours that 10.5.2 took

For two days I’ve had lots of problems with the Flex application I’m working on. Mysterious behaviour that doesn’t register any errors anywhere. I couldn’t understand what was going on until today when I accidentally right-clicked on the application. Seconds later my hand collided with my forehead and a long sigh could be heard.

It turns out that the 10.5.2 update for Mac OS X silently installed a new version of Flash Player, overwriting the debug version I had installed. Combined with the Font Explorer X problems and weird glitches and two complete system hangs that also came with the update I can tell you that I’ve lost too many hours of work because of that fucking update.