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I’m watching you, Jeff Houser

Google Analytics tracks Jeff Houser

4 Responses to “I’m watching you, Jeff Houser”

  1. Jensa Says:

    Hi Theo, I think Jeff really wonders what this post was all about? ;-)



  2. Theo Says:

    OK, perhaps a clarification is needed:

    The picture above is from the Network Location view in Google Analytics. Jeff’s static IP is reported to belong to “jeff houser-060118182413″. This is very unusual, usually the name is the ISP, only big companies like Adobe, Apple and eBay have their own names listed.

    I don’t know what technology Google uses to map IP:s to organization names, but you can try out MaxMind’s GeoIP, which works more or less the same way: http://www.maxmind.com/app/locate_ip

    I didn’t mean anything sinister with this post, and I apologize if anyone was freaked out by it.

    I do mean the title literally, though: I am watching Jeff, in the same way I watch Adobe, Apple and a couple of other companies. That is, by having bookmarked the reports of all visits from them.

    When I log in to GA I can see if someone from Adobe has visited this blog, and now I can also see if Jeff has. I don’t really do anything with this information, but I think it’s fun to see that someone reads what I write.

  3. Jonathan Dumaine Says:

    That is truly, utterly frightening. See if my IP shows up =D

  4. eric shin Says:

    ha ha

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