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This week’s non-issue: Google indexes SWF files

It’s probably the number one topic on Flash blogs today: O’Reilly launches InsideRIA and has an article about how Google indexes SWF files. As usual when it comes to SEO and Flash, almost no one understands what it means, but almost everyone talks about it as the New Big Thing. Guess what? It’s not. Read the rest of this entry →

Spam overdrive

9319 spam messages They started coming yesterday around 23:00, and they keep coming still.

Flex Compiler API

This is really great: Flex Doc Team: Java-based Compiler API. It’s the Flex compiler exposed as a Java API, which means that finally someone (perhaps I) can write a set of proper Ant tasks for Flex.

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The inflexibility of Flex styling

Flex’ CSS implementation isn’t very advanced and it gives me all kinds of trouble when I try to re-style my applications. For the most part Flex does a really good job of allowing customization, but it’s only good for the first 80%.

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I’m watching you, Jeff Houser

Google Analytics tracks Jeff Houser