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Asynchronous API:s and garbage collection

The asynchronous API:s in Flash, Flex and AIR don’t all work the same in regards to garbage collection. I discovered this the other day when testing out file uploading in Flash. I made the mistake of not keeping a reference to the object that was going to dispatch events when the user had selected a file. It took me half an hour to figure out what was happening, and once I did I cursed myself for not seeing it straight away. However, after having thought about it I think that the the Flash, Flex and AIR API:s are inconsistent and a bit unintuitve on this point.

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The first file I’ll remove after I install Leopard


Because I’ve never used the speech feature of Mac OS X for anything serious* and 669 Mb for one voice, one voice, is just silly. It can’t be that good.

Just look at the monster http://www.jonathansaggau.com/blog/2007/10/yeah_it_breathes.html.

* I have, however, used it. My favourite use is ssh’ing in to a server that is located under the sofa in a friend’s living room and running say "feed me!" a few times.

TextMate Flex tips, part 2

It’s been a while since I wrote about TextMate and Flex, but still my last post is one of the first five when I google for “textmate flex“, “textmate flex bundle” or “textmate flex tips“. This surprises me as I thought that by now there should have been more written about Flex and TextMate by now, after all it’s been almost ten months. It turns out that there actually has been things going on, but in the quiet.

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There is actually more to Flex 3 than just the version number

Three months ago I asked is the only thing new with Flex 3 the version number?, I was bit critical back then, but I take it all back.


OpenType font embeddning. Absolutely fantastic.

The enhanced constraints feature isn’t so bad either.