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Flash programming confidential, resolutions

I was recently hired to take care of things at a medium sized web production company while the regular staff was away. I reported my findings in a series called Flash programming confidential (monday, wednesday, weekend). This is a summary of the state of the Flash programming trade, and resolutions to what I see as the major problems and shortcommings.

Being a Flash developer today is a bit different from how it has been, with Flash being used more and more for complex websites which require more programming skills. Based on those two weeks I’ve put together a short guide for Flash developers on how to use the Flash plattform in a structured manner in order to create complex websites.

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Flash programming confidential, weekend

I write this, the friday’s entry to the series, on monday morning because the weekend has been all work. It began on thursday when a customer decided that a campaign site that had been ok’ed before now suddenly was not ok. It had to have the client’s header and footer, something the ok’ed design documents didn’t have, and definitely not something the ok’ed Flash site had. But the clients word is law, so we had no choice.

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Flash programming confidential, wednesday

My week att the to-remain-unnamed web production company continues. Today I was asked to help with a website that stopped working when the developer updated it last night. This morning he went to holidays and was completely unavailable, there was panic in the project manager’s eyes, but the problem turned out to be quite easy to fix. However, a closer look revealed some other fascinating, or perhaps horrifying details.

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Flash programming confidential, monday

This week I’m working for a web production company with a little bit of everything. Today I was asked to help in a project where the Flash developer was on paternity leave. The project was overdue and there were things that didn’t work, no huge problems, but things that needed to be fixed. I sat down with the .fla in order to find the relevant part of the project and see how hard it would be to fix. One hour later I gave up.

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