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Is the only thing new with Flex 3 the version number?

Adobe has clarified the Flex 3 pricing and the good news is that The Flex SDK will remain free (not very surprising as it’s going open source). However, it won’t be much of an update from Flex 2, because the only real new feature will not be included.

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AIR runtime installer, error 2038

The Adobe AIR beta 1 runtime installer leaves a lot to be desired. Adobe continues the blantant disregard for standard folders and proceedures on the Mac that Macromedia had, and this leads to problems. I had to do quite a lot of tinkering to be able to install it at all.

For me, the installer just failed with “Installation Error: 2038″. No more information. I was stumped.

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Finding cover art with Flex and Amazon WebServices

There are lots of examples of how to access Amazon’s WebServices (AWS), and their own documentation is extensive. However a quick google on “Flex Amazon WebServices” doesn’t turn up many results. Amazon’s own examples are all for other platforms.

Let’s put together some code that searches Amazon for CD cover art.

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