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Would you like to upgrade to an identical service, sir?

I have just discovered that my broadband provider Comhem has ripped me off (Comhem lurade mig pÃ¥ pengar)*. Instead of lowering their prices, they invented a new service identical to the one I had, and made it possible to “upgrade” to that service for free. And then they didn’t tell me about it. I found out by randomly looking at their homepage, trying to find information about how to change my adress.

For the better part of a year (I belive) they have charged me about €9 (perhaps $10) per month more than the service costs, because I didn’t actively ask for the lower price. When challenged their reply was that I payed for what I originally signed up for and that this was a new offer. It didn’t matter that the new offer was exactly the same and changing came at no aditional cost.

I’m astonished how a company can decide to do something like this. It can only hurt them in the end, because, what they do, in effect, is punishing their loyal customers.

I terminated my contract with them (but for other reasons) today, and I would prefer not to have anything to do with them in the future.

* Yes, I decided to be infatile and punish them with a google bomb, it’s not very likely to affect anything, but what the hell.

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  1. Jens Says:

    Jag kom på exakt samma sak för ett tag sedan. Inte heller jag hade blivit informerad om att de hade ändra mitt abbonemang. Problemet för mig är att jag inte kan byta till någon annan. Där jag bor finns det bara ComBort. Sedan har vi ju detta med att det inte har fungerat alls under förra veckan.

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