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Workload widget for Billings

Workload widget icon

Billings, Marketcircle’s excellent time reporting and invoicing application, was updated to version 2.5 the other day. If you look at the Billings website you can find the same icon as on this page, it’s the icon for my Dashboard widget Workload, which is a Billings companion showing you how much you’ve worked the past week.

If you are a Billings user, I recommend that you download the free update to 2.5, and if you do, why not try my widget as well. You can download it here, or from the Billings website.

Some notes for geeks

The widget was built using MochiKit, one of the best things that has happended to the Ajax world. I also tried the beta of Apple’s Dashcode IDE, which has an excellent debugger, but too many quirks and annoyances. It doesn’t work well with other editors (there is a “Edit in external editor” command, but the edits will be reverted as soon as you return to Dashcode) nor Subversion, it keeps overwriting everything since it works with some kind of temporary version internally. In the end, the debugger is what saves it. It’s just so much easier being able to test and debug in Dashcode than anything else I’ve tried (but I’m not a veteran widget programmer).

10 Responses to “Workload widget for Billings”

  1. JabbyPanda Says:

    Nice app!

    If I ever will return to freelance work, I will keep this application at the back of mind.

  2. M. Sevim Says:

    That’s one of the best widgets I’ve ever used! But unfortunately I can’t use it any more, because I had to switch to iBiz.

    Do you consider making an iBiz version of it?

    Thanks again for this great icon. It really helped me very much.

  3. Theo Says:

    Thanks for the nice words. I haven’t considered porting it to iBiz, and it’s unlikely that I will, unless I switch to iBiz too. Sorry about that. I don’t have time enough to add new features to the widget as it is.

  4. mr bill Says:

    the widget doesn´t seem to work wih the latest osx 10.5.1 update anymore… :(

  5. Theo Says:

    Could you be a little more specific? I’m running 10.5.1 since this morning and have had no problems.

  6. Sean Says:

    Super cool but for some reason it only worked for a few minutes. Now I just see “Loading…” and “X”s where the days of the week should be. I’m using Billings 2.5.5 on OS X 10.5.2 On an 2.4 GHz Intel 2 Duo. Thanks!

  7. Theo Says:

    Try clicking the “i” to switch to the backside and then click “done”, that forces a reload. I sounds like you have reloaded the widget with cmd-R, which sometimes puts it in an unresponsive state.

  8. adam Says:

    Thanks for this! It’s really wonderful and beautifully designed.

  9. Kevin Says:

    It was awesome for the one day it worked.

    Now I just get the dreaded “Loading…” and X’s. I’ve tried everything to get it to work again, including deleting/reloading the widget. No luck. Anyone have a solution?


  10. Frederik Christensen Says:

    Thanks for at super widget. I have used it for 2 years now, and it really helps me remember to register hours :-)

    I have reasently a use for another widget also looking in the Billings database, that I’m considuring developing. Theo can you reveal how you get the data out of the billings.bid database? I see you have used MochiKit for your widget, this I might use as well :-)

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