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Better Flash version reporting in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a really good web site statistics tool, but there are some things that haven’t worked so well for me. The Flash version names include revision numbers, which makes it hard to get the whole picture, and when having multiple subdomains in the same profile it’s not easy to see which domain an page belongs to. Both these can be fixed with filters, and in this post I show you how.

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Automated testing with FlexUnit (the implementation)

I finally got around to writing up the FlexUnit Automation kit, the FlexUnit/Ant integration I blogged about a month ago. Read on for a description and download link.

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The beauty of namespaces

Namespaces in ActionScript is a concept which I’m not aware of existing in any other language*. I’ve tried to find an example of why they are needed and how they can solve problems that cannot be solved without them, or at least less elegantly without them. Reading Colin Moock‘s Essential ActionScript 3.0 I came accross an example that showed just that. In two paragraphs Moock has convinced me of the beauty of namespaces.

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Would you like to upgrade to an identical service, sir?

I have just discovered that my broadband provider Comhem has ripped me off (Comhem lurade mig pÃ¥ pengar)*. Instead of lowering their prices, they invented a new service identical to the one I had, and made it possible to “upgrade” to that service for free. And then they didn’t tell me about it. I found out by randomly looking at their homepage, trying to find information about how to change my adress.

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Workload widget for Billings

Workload widget icon

Billings, Marketcircle’s excellent time reporting and invoicing application, was updated to version 2.5 the other day. If you look at the Billings website you can find the same icon as on this page, it’s the icon for my Dashboard widget Workload, which is a Billings companion showing you how much you’ve worked the past week.

If you are a Billings user, I recommend that you download the free update to 2.5, and if you do, why not try my widget as well. You can download it here, or from the Billings website.

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Joost revisited

Joost seems soon to be out of beta, and it’s gotten much better since the first Mac version was released and I tested it for the first time (see my review of it from back then).

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The reverse Robin Hood effect of Open Source

Finally, someone said it. There is a huge problem in the IT industry today, namely businesses using open source frameworks and making huge revenues, without a cent going to the authors of those frameworks. Rich Green of Sun likens it to “Robin Hood backwards”.

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On the good use of the singleton design pattern

The most common argument against using singletons can be summarised in this quote:

When you mention singletons it’s common to get a dismissive reply, something in the lines of “singletons are only glorified global variables”.

This is not unlike how I have treated suggestions to use the singleton design pattern as a solution to a problem. However, there are good uses of the pattern too, and in this post I outline one of them.

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On CSS in Flex

I’m quite ambivalent when it comes to using CSS in Flex. There are some cases where CSS is perfect, but also many where CSS doesn’t do much more than fragment the application.

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PHP plist parsing

As promised I’m going to look further into parsing plist files, this time in PHP. I’m going to show some functional programming concepts applied to PHP, using it similarly to how you program in XSL.

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