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LiveDocs WTF

Take a look at this screencast of Adobe’s LiveDocs loading in FireBug’s network debugging panel, it’s completely priceless and explains why the LiveDocs suck so beyond anything else:


60 requests before you can actually click on anything, and almost 700 requests before it tells you that a search for “adobesucks” didn’t yield any results – and searching for “MovieClip” aparently loads just as much. It’s over 2 Mb of data, and only 10 Kb of it is cacheable.

It’s a good thing the ActionScript 3.0 and Flex API docs are generated by ASDoc and are not accessed through LiveDocs, otherwise I would go mad.

Found via http://forums.worsethanfailure.com/forums/thread/116913.aspx, which actually contains a explanation and apology from a Adobe representative.

3 Responses to “LiveDocs WTF”

  1. anon Says:

    Wow, AJAX is great isn’t it.

  2. JabbyPanda Says:

    Amazing, thanks for recorded session, 2Mb and 60 requests, OMG.

    But still, I prefer using LiveDocs over embedded help file shipped with Flash.

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