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Joost beta test

Joost Today I got to try out Joost, and my impression is that it’s just like TV, except worse. The reason why I don’t own a TV set is that there’s nothing but crap on, lots of channels but nothing worth seeing. Joost is the same, except more sports. It’s not fair to judge them on their content yet, I know, and I am excited of what Joost will bring once they get some big players on — it’s just that I had expected that there would be something, at least one show, that was worth watching.

Oh, and the UI consumes 100% of my CPU.

Edit: Updating to 0.8.1 takes down the CPU usage to around 30%, which is about the same as VLC, so no complaints.

11 Responses to “Joost beta test”

  1. Cosmin Ghiu Says:

    just installed the beta myself. since it is still beta and limited content. i was actually pleasantly surprised at the amount of content for such a new startup app.

    and the player can be minimize to a smaller window so it doesnt take up your whole screen.

    i’m going to post a video review soon on my blog showing this.

    i am truly excited that we are witnessing the dawn of internet tv. there hasnt been something like this since the time tv was first introduced in my opinion.

  2. Wahlau.NET Says:

    I like the 5th gear channel…it is nice that I could watch the review of cars.

    I believe they will still add more channel

  3. Rick Says:

    I’m very intersted in becoming a Joost beta tester. If anyone has any tokens, please contact me ASAP.

  4. Gourav Sinha Says:

    I am also interested in the beta testing of Joost if neone has any invite please contact me. Thanks

  5. Sergio Says:

    Hello I need the password from joost, please

    Thank you Sergio

  6. David Says:

    I have a touch screen LCD connected to my Laptop (which is hidden) in the kitchen, and I can switch between TV and PC using the tuner remote cnt. And if I could have hi-resolution TV from internet only…..man, that would be the future for me!! This is really exciting!! It’s about time to move TV to the next level!

    I would be greatful to be a “joost” tester!



    Thank you

  7. p Says:

    I have 100% usage on my box too. and I have the newest.

  8. anderson Says:

    Hello I need the password from joost, please

    Thank you imail: andersonzeck@gmail.com

  9. Theo Says:

    I got tired of all the nagging so all nagposts have been marked as spam.


  10. Theo Says:

    I just realised that this post is number one if you google for “joost beta test”. That wasn’t expected…

    Anyway, hello everyone who came to this page from via Google: I do not have invitations to give you, please don’t ask for any, and if you do, you should know that I mark your comments as spam.


  11. Iconara » Joost revisited Says:

    [...] Joost seems soon to be out of beta, and it’s gotten much better since the first Mac version was released and I tested it for the first time (see my review of it from back then). [...]

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