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The Seven Sins by Whipping Floyd

Today I released a new campaign site for Whipping Floyd’s new collection The Seven Deadly Sins.

The Seven Deadly Sins The Seven Deadly Sins collection site for Whipping Floyd

Design and music by Magnus Heed of Whipping Floyd, website production by me. As usual I try to avoid loading sequences, but on this site it was extra easy since it starts with a streaming video. This leaves a lot of time to load other things. I really appreciate Flash’s ability to stream both video and audio content, it makes sites like this one so much easier to create.

Creating static sites like this one also has other advantages: I can bundle up all images that are needed into a SWF, which loads so much faster than loading the images one by one. It also means that I get the benefit of JPEG-compression on my images, but can still have transparency — very convenient. This is nothing new, of course, but it is not very often I can (or want to) take advantage of this, it’s more or less only possible when there is no or very little dynamic content.

2 Responses to “The Seven Sins by Whipping Floyd”

  1. Nat Says:

    That website is really cool. I really love it. Do you mind telling me the title of the song in the website? Thanks alot.

  2. Theo Says:

    Sorry, the song was specially composed for the website by Magnus Heed of Whipping Floyd (who is also the designer of the site and of the t-shirts). It’s not available from anywhere else, unfortunately.

    I will try to persuade Magnus to release some tracks on MySpace or whatever, because he has done a few more that are just as good.

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