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New Nudie Jeans and Whipping Floyd collection sites

Just before christmas I released new sites for the Nudie Jeans and Whipping Floyd spring/summer collections.

Nudie Jeans Collection Spring/Summer 2007 The new Nudie Jeans Collection site

The Nudie Jeans collection site is a part of the Nudie Jeans site, for which I am webmaster (The Fit Guide, Videos and Gallery are by Kokokaka, but the rest I’m responsible for). It’s built for Flash 8, with a back-end in PHP which tells the presentation layer which items are in which category, what their names are and where all the images are located.

Whipping Floyd Site Spring/Summer 2007 The new Whipping Floyd Collection site

The Whipping Floyd site was designed by Magnus Heed of Whipping Floyd, I did the programming and animation. Since the site is quite animation-heavy I created most of the site using timeline animations, which I very rarely do.

It doesn’t have any loading sequences, and doesn’t really need any. Rather, it uses some clever loading scheduling to make sure that things are loaded before they are needed. It works really well if you have a broadband connection (which almost everyone in the target audience has).

The site is also fully bookmarkable and reload-safe, actually one of the first sites I made in this way (the core of the site was created half a year ago for the autumn/winter collection).

4 Responses to “New Nudie Jeans and Whipping Floyd collection sites”

  1. Alice Says:

    Cool sites with some cool stuff!

    Love the Nudie jeans – haven’t heard of them before and want to know more. But the website wasn’t cooperating (even tho I have high speed internet) and I couldn’t get into the site with the retailers. Also couldn’t see the fit section.

    The Whipping Floyd site was better. I’m not a t-shirt fan, but like to check out whats new. No problems except for the dead at 27 page. Was there supposed to be something going on in the middle of the page while the song was playing? Because after the names of the artists showed up on the left, there was just a big black blank space.

    Nice work!

  2. Theo Says:

    I think you should try again.

  3. Alice Says:

    Works fine now. :-)

  4. Alan Says:

    I am struggling to find retailers for whipping floyd, the only sites i find have a limited collection and odd sizes any one know any good sites?


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