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Animation done right

I’m a huge fan of MochiKit, and I have, on more than one occasion mentioned that the guy who wrote it (Bob Ippolito) has more brains than the whole Flash development team put together.

Now, someone has created an animation library on top of MochiKit, called MochiKit.Animator (what else?). I’m a little confused as to the relation between it and MochiKit, and who the author is but that’s not a big issue at this point.

What can I say? This library is animation done right. I don’t shop around for ActionScript animation libraries very much, because the first time I did I cried at the state of things. Using the Tween class makes me cry every time.

Why, why, why are there no developers like Bob, or the author of MochiKit.Animation writing things in ActionScript? Flash and ActionScript have so much potential, and it’s wasted on you lot.

6 Responses to “Animation done right”

  1. Karl G Says:

    There are a lot of reasons. The biggest is that Flash is a closed platform controlled by a single vendor. If Adobe does something screwy, I have no recourse. This drives away the veteran OSS programmers, which in turn means that there is a lack of inexperienced OSS programmers. As a result, most of the stuff you’ll find in Flash is done by people with limited programming experience. This is changing now that people can build swfs without paying $400 to Adobe, but it’ll take a while for a pool of nice software to develop.

    Thanks for your kind words about MochiKit.Animator, I’ll finish it off one of these days. I actually found your site while looking for a MochiKit ActionScript port. I haven’t been on Flash since Flash 4 because all the contracts I’ve had up to the current one forbid its use.

  2. Theo Says:

    Well said.

    Let’s see if I can beat you to porting MochiKit.Animator to ActionScript 3. I’ll be needing a new animation framework when I make the move anyway.

  3. chris Says:

    Not to be rude! MochiKit.Animator looks like Flash 5 work with AS 1. To say there are no good anmation packages in Flash is to show true ignorance. There plenty of good animation packages out ther Fuse is one. I think ajax is sweet, but it takes twice the code to do what flash does. Please read up before you start talking smack about something you don’t know about. Flash is a great tool and macromedia deservers a pat on the back for it. . It changed the way we all look at the web. Javascript , Flash and Flex and what ever else..script its just another tool in the box learn it and love it.

  4. Theo Says:

    I’ve looked at Fuse. It’s nowhere near the elegance of MochiKit.Animator.

  5. Steve Says:

    Karl G..what an utter utter arsehole.

    “I haven’t been on Flash since Flash 4″

    Exactly, so S-T-F-U about something you clearly know nothing about. There are plenty accomplished coders in the Flash world, go check osflash.org you cretin. And while you’re at it have a look at actionscript 3 you loser. You might find it can do a lot more than animate little shapes like that piece of inconsequential tat i.e Mochikit.animator

  6. Theo Says:

    Harsh words…

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