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Animation done right

I’m a huge fan of MochiKit, and I have, on more than one occasion mentioned that the guy who wrote it (Bob Ippolito) has more brains than the whole Flash development team put together.

Now, someone has created an animation library on top of MochiKit, called MochiKit.Animator (what else?). I’m a little confused as to the relation between it and MochiKit, and who the author is but that’s not a big issue at this point.

What can I say? This library is animation done right. I don’t shop around for ActionScript animation libraries very much, because the first time I did I cried at the state of things. Using the Tween class makes me cry every time.

Why, why, why are there no developers like Bob, or the author of MochiKit.Animation writing things in ActionScript? Flash and ActionScript have so much potential, and it’s wasted on you lot.

Thank you Adobe

Adobe has given away the ActionScript 3 runtime to Mozilla, to be made into the reference implementation of ECMAScript 4 (JavaScript 2):

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and the Mozilla Foundation, a public-benefit organization dedicated to promoting choice and innovation on the Internet, today announced that Adobe has contributed source code for the ActionScript™ Virtual Machine, the powerful standards-based scripting language engine in Adobe® Flash® Player, to the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla will host a new open source project, called Tamarin, to accelerate the development of this standards-based approach for creating rich and engaging Web applications.

Read the whole press release, or perhaps a more developer friendly explanation from Kaourantin’s blog.

While this doen’t mean they have given away ActionScript 3, since the API:s and the compiler are not included, it does mean that Flash, Flex and Ajax applications will be able to share a code base in the future. That is, if Internet Explorer will ever support JavaScript 2.

Speed up that loader!

I hate loading animations and try my best to program my Flash sites so that loading is done in the background or at other times when the user will not notice very much, only when I absolutely have to (which is, I must admit, all too often) I throw up a loading animation.

I have noticed that it’s not so much the size of the things I load as the number of things that plays in to how much time the loading takes, which is, among other things, explained in this article on Ajaxian (it’s based on another article which you can find here: Optimizing page load time).

And yes, what Ajaxian has to say applies to Flash and ActionScript, and in this case very much so since Flash applications don’t have the luxury of being auto-layouted during loading as HTML is.