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Free AS3 compiler

Great news, according to a blog post by Moock “Flex 2 SDK includes a free, command-line compiler that can generate .swf files from pure ActionScript classes.” I’ve suspected as much when I downloaded the compiler this summer, but the documentation didn’t really make it clear. So, lacking any conclusive statement from Adobe I take Moock as an authority on this.

Edit: I realise that this is old news… but read on for a couple of more references

Edit: This was noted as early as January by News.com and was confirmed here mtasc for most projects, but it annoys me that it’s not an official tool, in the end I still have to compile with Flash to be sure that everything will run properly.

The new compiler is written in Java, that has it’s pros and cons. I guess many will say that it’s slow and whatnot, because it’s Java. This is of course fud, apart from the inevitable slow startup which bugs all Java applications because of the VM having to load. It doesn’t concern me very much. Look instead on the benefits: simple integration with Ant means better work-flows, and slow startup is a price I’m willing to pay.

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