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Ajax vs. ActionScript

I’m currently researching Ajax for a seminar I’m going to hold for Java web application programmers. What strikes me is that there are so many sharp minds in the Ajax camp, and so few (if any) in the Flash and ActionScript ditto.

Look at the frameworks, for every ActionScript application framework there are four Ajax frameworks. Not that quantity is a measure for quality, but still. Look at the blogs, read Ajaxian and marvel at the level of the discussion compared for example to (what I find to be) the flagship of ActionScript blogging, Flashguru.

Consider MochiKit, a JavaScript framework with some nice ideas about how to handle asynchronous calls and how to transform data. The ideas expressed in that framework are so beyond the ActionScript community that I don’t know what to say.

You people are still struggling with parsing XML for crying out loud! How you handle the asynchronous loading of it I don’t even want to know.

Still Flash prevails in that it’s one platform, one language, one API and it’s strength lies in animation. Ajax will get there, and then I will switch, but for now I’m still in the Flash camp, agonising about the ActionScript APIs and the lack of innovation.

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  1. chris ellem Says:

    read and weep


    will AJAX even exist in 10 years time…. I doubt it.

    wouldnm’t you rather be on a winner…or do you want to present your clients with a boring UI

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